The rise in the UKIP and UKIP support greatly disturbs me.....

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The rise in the UKIP and UKIP support greatly disturbs me..... Empty The rise in the UKIP and UKIP support greatly disturbs me.....

Post  ivanhoe on Thu Oct 23, 2014 1:18 am

I don’t know what the UKIP stand for other than pulling away from Europe, yet we aren’t truly in Europe, we share nothing of their Social or economic culture, we are just on the fringes of Europe, we have no real decision making power in Europe, and pulling the drawbridge up re- immigration, and cracking down on immigration seems to be their only policy. I can understand why some people believe the UKIP are racist. But I don’t think the UKIP are racist. I believe they seek power for the sake of power, and at any cost.

Also I have to add that i’m sick of hearing that Brussels rule us, they don’t. “We” rule us.

A Free market agenda to dissolve the State and everything attached to it, has been running Britain for decades.

It began with Margaret Thatcher in the 1980’s. Our privatisations, including railway privatisation, our expensive housing, our low income tax, our unjust and unfair local taxation, have all been due to the political agenda of the Tory right wing since Margaret Thatcher in the 1980’s, nothing to do with Brussels.

So stopping immigration to this country isn’t going to cure our ills. Only the British standing together for their own rights can do this, which we haven’t done for decades, hence all the ills of our country now. We are a social and economically divided nation. There is largely no solidarity today among 60 million British people.

The UKIP in my view are clearly and obviously using the immigration ticket to get votes next year, and judging by their media coverage they are not only getting votes, they are also basking in the delight of anti European Tory’s defecting over to them. Which begs the question why is Cameron as a right Tory, prepared to fund millions into Social Europe per day ?, my views are these.

David Cameron is wanting Europe to ditch its long held Social model funded via the EU State re- Gross National Product, and to adopt our Anglo Saxon deregulated free market model..It is then in my view that David Cameron will want to take charge, this is the great British ego at work, but this is only my opinion. We once had an Empire, remember ?

My other view is that while we are connected to Europe Cameron can blame Europe for the unemployment in Britain, because we don’t invest into our selves anymore, we are a market lead economy.

The UKIP, like the Tory's, are a right wing, small State, low income tax party, which is what we have had since 1980 over 30 years ago. Hence privatisation of our vital services including the NHS. UKIP leader Nigel Farage is himself an admirer of Margaret Thatcher..A small point, but in my view a worthy and valid one.

I want to know what the UKIP’s full manifesto is ?

I want to know if they will re- industrialise Britain ? I want to know if the UKIP will return Britain to being industry and manufacturing lead with decent minimum wages, security in work, and fair taxation. ? Dare I say, just like they have in Western Europe.

Are the UKIP going to take Britain away from being simply a market lead, low waged, low income tax, insecure, short term economy, which treats its vulnerable like garbage, there is no other word for it. and where our young people cannot possible have a future ?.

We pay around £60 million a day into the EU as our membership, Germany pay more as the leading country in Europe. But Germany, France ect are fully in Europe, we aren’t, we are on the fringes unable to take part in any decision making worth a light. Britain remains on the outside of Europe looking in.

If the UKIP were to win Government next year, would they use those millions to invest into our vital public services ?, including re-nationalising the NHS, and the railways ?.

During Tory PM John Major’s term of office, Mr Major privatised the railways in 1992 at a cost of £400 billion a year, whereas nationalisation prior to 1992 cost £100 billion a year, so it’s cheaper on British tax payers to re- nationalise the railways. All our vital public utilities, gas, water, and electricity, were privatised under Margaret Thatcher in the 1980’s, would the UKIP bring these vital public services back into public ownership. ?

Also would the UKIP increase the basic State pension, and re-link it directly to British prosperity care of male average earnings or inflation, whichever the higher ?, making no need to means test our elderly people for what many see as humiliating State handouts. European pensioners receive much higher State pensions. Britain’s State pension is at the bottom of the European league.

Surely we British have had enough of unbridled free market policies, without State intervention this past 30 odd years, to last a lifetime ?

Would the UKIP raise income tax on the rich to help pay for the investment needed into all of our vital public services, including our treasured National Health Service, our NHS has been underfunded for decades, because the Tory right wing do not believe in the concept of the NHS, and they never have.

So come on UKIP put “all” your cards on the table please, tell us all what your full manifest is. ?

Hiding behind immigration, and Brussels ruling us are such easy cop outs.

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