Britain needs some socialism.

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Britain needs some socialism. Empty Britain needs some socialism.

Post  ivanhoe on Tue Aug 12, 2014 8:43 pm

Britain needs some socialism following over 30 years of right wing Torysm where income tax cuts have been lavished on top earners, and the rest of us have had to endure means tested handouts.  This doesn’t represent a fair spread of wealth, this represents inequality, unfairness, and social injustice, yet it is legal, it is a political system.  And “Socialism has been made a dirty word in today’s
Britain by the Tory’s and the right wing press.

Yet SOCIALISM means caring about “ones” country and our  fellow citizens, it is about Society growing up, growing old, becoming ill, or  disabled, or  unemployed, and in maturing we are caring for people now, and ourselves in our futures, and this is achieved via the State,  and the direct taxation, and National Insurance contributions paid by all when working.    This is democratic Socialism, looking after each other with no Government discrimination...

Ultimately we all rely on pensions,  and ultimately we all rely on the NHS unless we are all very lucky, which is becoming more under-funded than ever before””.  Yes and I say ultimately we pay for them as well via income taxes and National Insurance contributions when working.

It is a simple premise that was thrown out with the bath water when ordinary working class people UK sold their souls to the Thatcherite ideology in 1979, when they brought their council houses and acquired shares in Thatcher’s newly privatised Utilities

Benefit fraud costs the Exchequer 1 million a day, while tax avoidance and evasion costs us all £260 million lost revenues per day.

The fact of the matter is that the Tory’s and their like minded friends in the right wing press, like to make issues about benefit fraud, other than the rich avoiding paying income tax, because us lesser mortals can relate more to our own class supposedly ripping off the system, and  this is how the Tory’s gain power and keep power for the sake of power, by demonising the poor, the old, the disabled.

I regard myself as a European democratic Socialist, because I believe in Social Europe, housing for example in Europe is much cheaper.

Social Europe is also highly democratic with Proportional Representation as its voting system, whereas the UK voting system of “first past the post”, is both antiquated and not democratic.

Democratic Socialism across the EU ensures much higher and fair income tax based on ability to pay, cheaper housing, much higher State pensions, and as Dave Cathy point out in his letter care of the OECD, the role of the State across Europe plays a greater role in investment and subsidy, than Britain’s highly stigmatized State.

Britain’s rich and poor divide is growing faster than anywhere else, and that we are back to 1945 levels. The right wing Tory’s since Thatcher have managed by stealth this past 30 odd years, to remove and/or run down all the Social and economic advances set in place by the 1945-48 Labour Government lead by Clement Attlee, including the NHS, which has been suffering from chronic underfunding since the 80’s based on low income tax, trickle-down economics.

With everything happening in our country since the Thatcher era, and 2010 under David Cameron, being a Tory is nothing to be proud of, the abolition of the roll of the State, the demonization of the welfare State and those on welfare, the creation of food banks, and  bedroom tax,  but being a Socialist is something to be proud of because of the attitude of mind Socialism represents.

Right wing Torysm is about the individual over and above society’s needs.

Socialism is about societies needs over and above the individual.

What we have today sums up what happens when people constantly put into power ultra right wing fascist Governments starting with Thatcher, care of a most undemocratic voting system.

Margaret Thatcher began this decent from central government funding; onto local taxation; at the same time depriving local authorities from much needed finance. Thatcher began removing "the role of the State" from people's lives, and now we are mercilessly reaping what has been sown this past 30 odd years.  And people using food banks has no place in a modern 21st century Britain.

And what’s worse is that since this coalition was formed in 2010, David Cameron has been using the deficit as a cover to ideologically reduce the State, and everything to do with it.  And the BBC media is going along with it.

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