Young people should read this.

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Young people should read this. Empty Young people should read this.

Post  ivanhoe on Tue Jan 15, 2013 10:18 am

Now the welfare vote has favoured the Government, there will be two years of further erosion. Plus two more years to persuade younger people who did not live through the Thatcher years to feel as though they are being given the raw deal working, while others don't. The welfare system they have to understand is for them too if they need it. No one knows what life will throw at us and it doesn't matter if you are a Prime Minister or not, the hard facts are people get made redundant the difference being the ordinary person does not have wealth to prop them up when times are hard. I say cherish the existence of our welfare system. Abuse it and loose it but remember those who genuinely need it. Don't deride them when you're on you're way up because YOU will have to pass by them all when you're on your way down.

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