Why should the vast majority of our pensioners have to suffer the cold ?

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Why should the vast majority of our pensioners have to suffer the cold ?

Post  ivanhoe on Tue Jan 15, 2013 11:37 pm

Here are a few facts for you, which destroy the Tory rant that an ever aging population is a major problem, it is not.

The annual cost of delivering the means-test Pension Credit per person per pensioner is £53.70.

The annual cost of paying the State pension per person per pensioner is £5.40 according to the report from the Public Accounts Committee, Tackling Pensioner Poverty: Encouraging Take-up of Benefits, 2003.

There is a National Insurance 'surplus' in excess of £74.1bn now in 2012, it is an assurance that the Government could easily re-link the state pension to male average earnings if it so desired.

But this and previous right wing Tory Government's have and are using this National Insurance "surplus" for that which was never intended.

So an increase in the state pension and the restoration of the link with earnings is affordable, and is justified.

What we have here is in my view a conspiracy to hood wink the hard pressed and largely in my view, politically naive general public into believing that the elderly are a burden to us.

This represents the wide spread discrimination and demonization of our elderly people by right wing Government's since the 80's, and all aided by the BBC TV media.

Thousands of UK pensioners die of cold each winter. 30,000 UK pensioners have died of cold since 1997. 1 in 5 pensioners from a 12 million generation, are living on and below the breadline.

The right wing Tories do not believe in the State pension. And New Labour adopted this attitude.

Also, I want you all to know that this coalition Government have
cut the pensioners winter fuel payment, they say, in a bid to save money and cut the Deficit. But this is not a saving, this is an arrogance.

For the over 60's the coalition has cut £50 off the cold weather payment, which was £250 a year. It is now £200.

For the over 80's, the coalition have cut the winter fuel payment by £100, taking it from £400 a year, to £300 a year.

Of course none of this is about saving money. It is because the right wing Tory's are driven by an ideological hatred of the welfare state.


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